Adam’s Summer Purgatory, 2008 (2013)

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NEW YORK CITY April 24th

I lost my one-year post-graduate US work VISA and therefore my job. Until recently I was paid to sort and classify YouTube videos for the legal department of a major entertainment corporation that is preparing an enormous copyright lawsuit against YouTube.

I watched and re-watched ripped and compressed episodes of South Park.

I learned to tell the difference between all the Star Trek movies by their production design and cast.

I planted for two years in college. I thought my last year would be my last year: that was in 2005. I was 22, and moved to New York City the year after. I am 25 now. I have lived in New York for three years, have what some would call a life here, with some good friends and a nice girlfriend. I write this primarily for them, so that they may understand where I am and what I am doing while I’m gone.

I will return in the fall.

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