Adam’s Summer Purgatory, 2008 (2013)

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NORDEGG, AB July 26th

10 people quit today.

A few years ago, Cam was involved in a vehicle rollover working for Sun Pines, and ended up taking responsibility for the poor driving of another person. As punishment, he was barred from running a full crew on the Sun Pines contract ever again, which we have just begun, high up in the mountains near a tiny hamlet called Nordegg. Our crew has disbanded. Some were fired, some were sent to other crews in camp, some left of their own volition.

Now, including Cam, we are six - the three best planters from Cam's old crew, and two high production planters from a sister company. Cam calls us his greed crew. We are the elite of the camp. Our blocks are accessible only by helicopter, and our days of planting together are frantic and competitive.

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