Adam’s Summer Purgatory, 2008 (2013)

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Jennifer Foster, 27

A high-production foreman at Celtic Reforestation, whose season was cut short by their inability to acquire a summer contract; who had to make the transition to planter at Rhino. She is unbelievably driven on the block, never allowing herself a cache break, and setting an uncomfortably fast pace for the rest of us to follow. She lives in Edmonton, and has probably impressed the hell out of anyone she has ever worked with or for.

Alexis Darrisse, 24

Learned to speak English in his five seasons planting trees in BC. In the off-season, he teaches physics to high-schoolers. He has worked for Jen for the past two years, highballing her crew at Celtic, and boasts of being the company's safest driver. Alexis' humor gravitates toward the archetype of the well-meaning but embarrassing father figure - he is humble and sensitive and probably a great person to hug.

Adam Babiak, 22

A second-year planter from Toronto. He keeps to himself in camp and in the van, witness to the endless jesting and performing of his colleagues with clear eyes and quiet brooding. He polices his health vigorously using a complicated mixture of vitamins, tonics, and protein beverages - all of which he is happy to share.

Chris Montagner, 25

A comedian, a writer, and a proud transient with a pretty positive outlook on planting. One day, after work, we were waiting to be picked up by a helicopter and he broke it down to me: 'I've just always felt like I belonged here. The first year I came out, I was like, "These are my people. This is where they have been all along. Out here in the woods."' stewie
Cam Stewart, 31

Cam has spent the better part of the last ten years in bush camps, once working a 200-day planting season. There is no better word to describe Cam than ‘cowboy,’ or perhaps ‘life cowboy.’ Cam has a deep voice and a clownish laugh. He is slightly reckless but highly competent. He drives fast. Last year, Cam drove a vehicle to the point where it was no longer functioning and had to be written off, so this year Pierre, the owner, asked Cam to buy his own truck so as to feel a greater connection to it and hopefully drive it less hard and thus limit Pierre’s liability. Halfway through this season, Cam destroyed his own truck.

He is authoritative and alpha and knows what need to be done. He never stops moving. Stress and conflict seem to provide him a bearing or compass. He always wants to work on the day off. It is impossible for me to imagine Cam leading a productive life anywhere outside of a bush camp.."'

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